Ambush Neutralizer Fly Line

Ambush Neutralizer Fly Line

NEW! Ambush Neutralizer Floating/intermediate line Neutralize defensive trout and salmon with this easy-casting, super-sneaky suspending line. Head is a slow-sinking intermediate that presents emergers, wets, soft-hackles and nymphs just below the film. 

    Lime Green/Blue-Green

    Floating/Intermediate, 1 ips

    welded loop, J3, Tri-D, 90′

    4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    News Release
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    Royal Wulff Ambush Neutralizer Triangle Taper Fly Line

    The Sneaky New Line For Suspended Presentations


    Livingston Manor – Royal Wulff Products has announced the introduction of their latest fly line; The Ambush Neutralizer featuring a short, nearly neutral, intermediate head with an integrated floating running line.  Developed for anglers who want to keep their flies near the surface, even when utilizing slow retrieve speeds, the Neutralizer’s slow sinking – 1 inch per second (ips) – intermediate head suspends flies just below the film, making it perfect for emergers, soft-hackles, nymphs and streamers.


    Designed to load quickly like the other Ambush lines, the new Neutralizer is another weapon in the Ambush arsenal.  The short, slow sinking head facilitates quick recasts, during those times when fish will follow but not strike, forcing the angler to retrieve the fly close to the rod tip.


    The Ambush Neutralizer is available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and costs $74.95. It features the TRI-D line identification system, using indelible laser printing for easy and permanent identification, and features a welded loop on the front end for easy leader connections.


    Ambush Triangle Taper Fly Line won a 2012 Kudo Award from Fly Rod & Reel magazine. The coveted Kudo Award is given to a select handful of “noteworthy products and services” in the fly fishing category after rigorous review by the experienced staff of Fly Rod & Reel magazine writers. In 2010, the Ambush won a Gray’s best award from the prestigious Gray’s Sporting Journal.





    Ambush Neutralizer Fly Line

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    The Ambush Fly Line Family at a Glance

    The Ambush Neutralizer is the latest fly line to join the much-celebrated family of Ambush fly lines. With a floating, clear, intermediate tip, shooting heads, and now, the suspending Ambush Neutralizer, there’s an Ambush line for any application.


    • Original Ambush Floating Fly Line

    Originally designed for roll casting in close quarters, with short 20’-29’ heads are ideal for single hand casting of Spey, Skagit, Scandi and switch style rods. Described by writer and instructor Darrell Martin as praiseworthy in instruction as well as fishing, “An Ambush line exaggerates the rod bend and line tug of the double-haul.”


    • Ambush Clear Head for Stealth

    The Ambush Clear Head, an intermediate clear-head version of the Ambush line gives a fly fisherman all the roll casting, Spey, Skagit, switch and Scandi style casting advantages of the Ambush floating fly line with the added benefit of a clear, 20′ intermediate sinking head. Intermediate sink rate 1.25 to 1.75 ips.


    • Ambush Shooting Heads

    The innovative short, 20’ – 29’, fast-loading, floating Ambush head shoots like a rifle, for quick-moving targets like blitzing albies or tuna. Pairs with the Royal Wulff Tracer Shooting line for a high-visibility, long-distance line system.




    Ambush Fly Line

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    About Royal Wulff Products


    Royal Wulff Products was founded by Joan and Lee Wulff, and Doug Cummings.  They design and sell fly lines, bamboo rods, leaders, books, DVDs and casting instruction tools.  They are located at 7 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY 12758.  Phone 845-439-4060, fax 845-439-8055, email or on the web at



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    Flies farther – Floats higher – Lasts longer
    Triangle Taper fly lines just got better! J3 coating makes Triangle Tapers perform like never before: Shooting better, floating higher, repelling water, and lasting longer. This slick coating has a dry feel, which minimizes resistance for longer casts. With J3, the line stays clean and slick for the life of the line! That’s because J3 isn’t simply a spray that’s applied at the factory – it’s a specialized coating that’s actually integrated into the line itself, giving it years of super-slick performance! Available on select royal Wulff lines.

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