Line Upcycling Program

A fly line does not last forever, after enough use or abuse a line will eventually crack and start to underperform. When that point happens, there are not many recycling options and often lines end up in the trash.

We are trying to stop that, buy extending the lines life with other uses. This off sets the need to produce new materials to make these items. To encourage anglers to not just throw a line away we are offering an Upcycling Program to anglers. Send or bring in (at participating dealers) in your worn-out lines (conditions, type and brand do not matter) and you will issue a 15% off discount code per line received towards a new line.

Send your lines to:
Royal Wulff Fly Fishing
Attn: Upcycle
PO Box 1091
Livingston Manor NY 12758

Include your e-mail address so we can send a discount code. 

Lines must be received in a coil, NOT A TANGLED MESS. Wrapping them on an empty line spool is ideal, or a piece of cardboard.