Bermuda Triangle Taper GIANTS Floating


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Built to withstand the heat of the tropical flats and blistering boat decks. The Bermuda family of lines will continue to cast in these extreme conditions, where a coldwater line can’t cut it. The special braided monofilament core and special harder outer later that handles the heat, while staying slick and keep your casting on point. 

Built manage the biggest fish a fly rod can withstand. It is built with an extra strong core so the weak point is not your fly line.

The Triangle Taper Giants taper is designed to handle the big flies, while remainding easy to cast and shoot line.

  • Total Length: 100ft
  • Head Length: 30 to 33ft
  • Taper: Triangle Taper Giants
  • Loops: None
  • Color: Tropic Blue / Sand
  • Core: Braided Monofilament
  • TRI-D Line ID
  • Density: Floating
  • Warmwater (70°F and above)
  • Break Strength: 55lbs
    Weight Grains  Head Length Handling Line Running Line
    13 475 30 10 60
    14 565 33 10 57
    15 650 32 10 58

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