Triangle Taper Silk - Short


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Designed with the bamboo angler in mind. A taper ideal for short rods (under 8ft) or small stream conditions.

Short rods are often designed for fishing fairly close. The average line is designed for longer rods (over 8ft) and longer casts. A line to match that need will greatly improve the rods performance. The taper progressively adds load to rod quickly and deeply without overloading or out pacing it.

For small stream fishing, this taper excels in short casts, under 30 feet, but quite capable of shooting line should the situation call for it. The taper quickly adds load to the rod without being clunky and maintaining a delicate presentation when desired. 

Length: 90ft

Head Length: 29ft

Color: Ivory

Density: Floating

Weight Grains @  30ft
2 90
3 110
4 150
5 175

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